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Making Personal Finance easy!



This weekend happened in Vienna the #F10HackathonVienna. Designers, Marketeers, Bankers, Financial Experts, great Minds, Students and also Developers were motivated to build a product, service or Startup and new ideas during 48 hours of #coding and #ideation at FinTech Meetup Vienna! After the 48 hours, with barely no sleep, the teams at the F10 #FinTech #Hackathon in #Vienna were invited to pitch their prototypes in front of jury members, sponsors and the F10 team. Numus was represented as FinFit, an app version of Numus platform, and won the #FirstPrizeF10GamificationChallenge !


Thank you Xplorico for the opportunity and trust. We are looking forward for this journey! Congratulations to our latest Xplorico portfolio company Numus ( for bringing home the hackaton victory from Vienna.
2 European banks going online offering our personal finance management platform for their costumers.
Numus with it's mobile app called FinFit was the winner in the finals selected from 320 Fintech startup's across Europe.


Global Mobile Internet Creative Development Competitoin - Norway.

Silicon Viking World Cup Finalist

StartUp Silicon Vikings World Cup Finalist.

FREE to end-users

Why Numus?

Saves time and money, gives back control over your household economy

Automated budgeting and forecasting

Unique automated Fintech solution for personal finance

Possibility for benchmark towards Ola Nordmann (Avg metrics of your financial profile)

Technology behind it

User Friendly

While the app will solve a very old and troublesome problem, we have crafted the app to be very user friendly


Easy Scalable and GDPR compliant


All information categorized down to product level retrieved by ML algorithms


We are coming live starting November 2018.

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